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Wooden Fruit Basket With Handle

This unique old wide wooden slat fruit basket with handle is perfect for a small store or outdoor area with a small demand in your product. The slat is made of durable wood and has a narrowx handle that makes it easy to carry. This basket also has a few unique features like a small cherry top handle and a small lip to keep the fruit from falling down.

S 9 1/2

Round Wooden Half Bushels -

By Unbranded


Solid Bottom

9" dia Tin & Wooden

By Wooden



7" dia Tin & Wooden

By Wooden


S Fr...

VTG Primitive Oval Wooden Slat

By Primitive Apparel


Wooden Basket For Gift With Handle

Giving a wooden basket as a gift can be a fun and thoughtful option if you're excited about getting someone a new something. They might not have any choice in the matter, so why not put their name to the creation? if you're looking for a stylish and functional gift, then go for a wooden one. If you're looking for something that everyone will appreciate, then go for a heavier-duty option. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to store or store leftovers, then a wooden basket would be a great option. so what are you waiting for? give your loved ones a gift like never before!

Wooden Fruit Basket With Handle Amazon

This wooden fruit farm is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your picnic meal. Theregation is made from sturdy wovenwood baskets with handles, and are just as fun to paint and decorate with your own designs. The picnic snack you need less sugar, more vitamins and minerals. this beautiful fruit gathering basket is made from wood and has a handle. It is perfect for planets or trees that are need for food. The fruit basket can be customized to fit your collection or storage need. this is a unique wooden fruit basket with a handle made of cedar wood. The basket is divide into small pieces of different shapes and sizes. The handle is made of wooden handle with a cedar wood finish. The fruit is placed on the brama and the brama is then divided into small pieces. The piece is then decoupled from the handle. The final product is a beautiful wooden fruit basket with a unique and attractive look. this wooden bowl basket is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. The fold-away handle makes it easy to carry around and the08mm thick wood allows for a high level of stability. The finished product is available in six colors and is compliant with the mid centurytown code.