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Silver Plated Basket With Handle

This vintage godinger silver plate basket with handle is perfect for coordinating with our grapevine leaves in an elegant landing area. Perfect for your ecommerce store, this piece is easy to make and will add a touch of luxury to your scene.

Silver plated wire BASKET with Handle
C 1890

Antique Pairpoint Mfg Co Silver

By Pairpoint Mfg Co.


Studio Silversmiths Vintage Silver Plated Wire Basket with Handle

Studio Silversmiths Vintage Silver Plated

By Studio Silversmiths


Cheap Silver Plated Basket With Handle

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Silver Plated Basket With Handle Amazon

The godinger vintage silver plated basket with handle is a beautiful basket with a grapevine wiremotif 7. It is perfect for taking baskets to events or wedding presentations. The handle is silver plated with a beautiful grapevine wiremotif. This basket is perfect for any event or presentation. this beautiful silver plated basket with handle is perfect for protecting your possessions during the holiday season. It is also great for holding leaves, flowers, or other items that are small or precious. This basket is also easy to clean - just rinse and dry it with careful handwashing. This lovely antique silver-plated bride basket with handle is a beautiful addition to any home decor. The well-crafted design features a beautiful, old-fashioned handle, which makes it perfect for holding or carrying your favorite items. This basket is also about 13. 5 inches in diameter, and can hold a bit over 10 ounces of goods. this silver-plated easter basket with handle is a great way to add elegance and organization to your home office or kitchen. With a 11x9inx9 size, it can hold any amount of fruit, and is11mm thick with a heavy-gauge wire for stability. The sunflower material doesn't blemish the dish, and the handle is silver-plated to give a look and feel of quality. Overall, this is a sturdy and stylish basket that you can pieces with your favorite orts.