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Rectangular Pizza Stone With Handles

This Pizza Stone is top-quality for that first-class oven pizza, it presents a sleek, modern design and is large enough to handle big batches of pizza. The large size is practical for large families or a group of friends, the handle system ensures even Pizza baking and that there is no fake or harmful feeling. The Stone also provides a nice, uniform height, so, you can focus on the real purpose of having this Stone in the first place- baking your pizza.

Best Rectangular Pizza Stone With Handles

This is an unrivaled grilling Pizza Stone with handles 12 x15 inch, it is Rectangular in shape and it provides two handles. It is top for and pizza, this Rectangular Pizza Stone imparts handles on each side that are first-class for flipping or stirring. The large size allows for plenty of space to work with the Stone in the oven or oven skies, the smooth black finish means that this Stone is sure to go into use. The Rectangular Pizza Stone is an outstanding surrogate to add a touch of elegance to your pizza, the Stone is produced from a heavy-duty hardwood that grants been dried and fitted with hand-operated handles. It can be adapted for various shapes and of pizzas, the Stone presents a nice, modern look and is ready for use! This is an excellent grilling or baking Stone for the outdoor meal planning. It extends four handles and can be customized to your needs with 12 x15 inch size, the handle size makes it top for large groups or the individual handle makes it facile to carry. The made with white porcelain is first-class for any outdoor meal planters.