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Pillow Boxes With Handle

Our Pillow Boxes are unrivaled for your child's upcoming family party, they have a spacious handle and are made with 100% organic cotton. They are also per-chord made in the usa, you can trust that our Pillow Boxes are made with admiration in the usa.

Top 10 Pillow Boxes With Handle

This Pillow holder with handle is manufactured of silver-plated wire and measures about 6" w x 6" l x 2" it provides a beautiful, long stem that goes up to about 5" in height, the Pillow box design is in like manner very evident in the design. It is suspended from a length of handle with a small peak at the top, the cover is moreover decorated with a small rose, which is moreover very evident in the design. The cover is produced up of some kind of fabric that is very comfortable to sleep in, this Pillow box with handle is ideal for displaying your bedding and other personal belongings at your place of use. The box renders a capacity of 24 pillows per 10 x6 x1-34 inch, and can be used for 34 items, the box also offers a capacity of 6 pillows per 1 x34 inch. The handle allows you to carry the Pillow box without taking off your clothes, this Pillow top with a watering can be valuable for enthusiasts with wet bed nights. It can hold a lot of bedding and can handle a lot of water weight, it's sturdy and can hold up to a lot of use. The handle is a nice touch to make it easier to get to the bed, this Pillow top with handle motocross grip Pillow is a splendid accessory for your bicycle. It presents a new taper problem bowl design that creates a more comfortable fit for you and your bike, the luxurious handle is produced of durable materials to ensure your bike is protected at all times.