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Old Fashioned Candle Holder With Handle

This gift for someone is perfect! The antique glass candle holder with vtg finger loop handle is the perfect way to show their appreciation. This handle-mounted candleholder is perfect for those who appreciate good wine and old-fashioned candles.

Vintage Candle Holder With Handle

If you're looking for a stylish and functional candle holder, you need to check out this vintage model. It's made of metal and has a stylish handle. The candle is easy to hold and moves with you - perfect for taking with you when you're by yourself.

Antique Candle Holders With Handle

This delft blue candleholder with handle crown and blue delft blue window is a vintage piece that is still in good condition with its vintagedeft craftsmanship. The handle is middle iron set with a single blue delft. It is about 15 inches long and is made from simple delft. The pan is made of wood with a small gesso inlay. There is a small nick in the wood about halfway up the handle, but it is not significant and does not affect use. The handle is stilldcrusted with a delft-baked brown sugar interior. The pan is also covered in gesso and has a small brown sugar interior. The piece has a small fixe measure and a small black wax measure. The candle is a single-whisked flagon of carlton club (whiskey)wine. this is a great old fashionlled glass candle holder with handle. This holder is perfect for holding candles with your hand. This holder is also great for holding other items as well. This holder is made of heavy duty glass and is perfect for any candleholder. this old-fashioned, green candles holder with handle is perfect for on-the-go events. Whether you're looking to hold one of your igniting candles or just want to make an easily-looking/useful holder, this one-of-a-kind candle plate will help you out. if you love using your hands to light candles, then this old fashioned candle holder with handle is perfect for you! With itsvtg finger loop handle, you can easily and quickly light a candle. This holders has an old-fashionedantique look to it, making it perfect for any candleholder situation.